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A new website that lives up to our company and product.

Where you can learn about us, our company culture and our powerful product.

What's it about?

The projo.berlin was an outdated and inconsistent website that needed a design overhaul to represent better our company.

My role?

I am in charge of the whole research, design conception, and development of the website.

Why this?

Projo is a SaaS Startup which is growing fast and needs to introduces these qualities to online visitors.

What is the website's status quo and what is our stance toward it?

In order to have a clear strategy, It is important to know what is already out there online and decide what do we think about it. What level of change would be necessary.


Exists: website with some common existing pages such as about us, and crucial functionalities like log in for our product.

Stance: based on my understanding of our company structure and culture, I see other topics that could be added to the website.


Exists: A minimal branding style such as logo, the primary color and the font.

Stance: I decided to bring consistency and a refreshing style to the existing brand identity instead of its total disruption.

Hang on and keep it macro!

In order to stay on the right track with our strategy, we need to define some higher level issues such as what is our website's mission and who are our target audience.

What is our strategy?

Based on our talks and brainstorming I identified two major topics that our website needs to cover.

Keep it familiar and Preserve the trust
Keeping the brand identity familiar. To do so the font and primary color will be preserved.

Bring improvement and deliver reliability
What exist is not enough for a complete modernisation. We need more variation of energy. A light mode full of energy and a dark mode full of mistery.

website Montserrat font
Moodboard for new colors


What is our website's mission?

Based on our talks and brainstorming I identified two major topics that our website needs to cover.

Who we are

Our website is where we should introduce ourselves and present our company culture and values.

What do we do

Our website is also where we can deliver an intuitive presentation of our product solutions for customers to get the first understanding of it.

How are things going on

It is not enough to claim who we are and how we do the things. We also need others testimonials about how true is everything we say about ourselves and our products.


Build it for the visitors

Our website visitors fall under two major categories, which are:

Customers interested in our software

Existing customers: They usually visit our website in order to log in to our product, getting informed about our latest news and upcoming events.

Potential customers: They mostly visit our website to get to know to projo as a company and our software and eventually register for a products's demo.

Professionals interested in collaboration

Potential employees: They visit the website to have an overall understanding of our company, the employees as well as open positions to apply for.

Branch experts: People who might want to collaborate with projo for various occasions such as event speakers.

What is the outcome so far?

Beside the positive feedback back about the look and feel of our website, we are having also an exponential growth of our visitors that can be attributed to the better information architecture and more extensive contents that the visitors needed.

What is next?

Continuing building other pages, such as events page. Besides I will evaluate the visitors feedback, and analyse Hotjar heatmaps to improve the UX and reduce the friction in my built pages.

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