It's about my journey

to my new vocation,

User experience design.

Nice to meet you.

Javad Raisi  portrait

Hi! My name is Javad and I am a UX Engineer, always ready for your new challenges.

I live in Berlin for three years. I also consider Hamburg, Parma, and Shiraz as home. Yup, I am just fascinated by people's life and mind.

Once (upon a time?) I studied architecture and later on urbanism to shape people’s living environment and it was a great experience. It helped me grow and to learn that what I am interested in, indeed, "more than the world of design is the design of the world".

And here I am! A UX designer looking for problems to solve with innovative solutions. And the journey continues...

I will bring value to your business by understanding the problems with a curious empathetic mind, finding data-driven solutions for those problems, and execute them with a beautiful design.

Besides design and some codes on their side, I care about my mental well-being through meditation and my physical health by running, playing football, and ping pong to mention some.

In my free time, I like to cook, dance and most of all hike in the forest, and then lay on my hammock reading my book and listening to the birds. :)

Looking forward to learn about you.

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