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Mobile App + Web App


Freelancers and off-site workers need to be in touch with many stakeholders from separate fields and locations to coordinate and manage their projects. In absence of a better alternative, they use messengers, although inefficient, to get their job done easier and more efficiently.


Teletask is a messenger that supports you also with management.

It is an app that provides not only a simple messaging service but also an intuitive management system to collaborate effectively, coordinate efficiently and manage coherently the workflow.
Users can quickly create detailed tasks to assign, arrange meetings, ask for feedback through surveys, check and balance their workloads and update the progress of each project.

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Mobile App


Flowers symbolize an intimate expression of people to people. Yet, online services treat it like any other e-commerce product, making the users feel unsupported and without freedom for personalization.


FLoraGoGo is a flower delivery app. The intentional recreation of the customers’ real-life shopping experience in our online service delivers an intuitive ordering process.

This helps our customers to feel what they are ordering is truly what they want and then what they are receiving is exactly what they wished for. Fast and without any hassle.

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